The ASMS Ambassadors are a selective group of students chosen based on their academic success, extracurricular involvement, and their extraordinary people skills. These students serve the community by promoting the school, giving tours, recruiting prospective students, and helping new students adjust to the ASMS lifestyle. Many of these students hold other leadership positions on campus and are well informed about campus life. These smiling faces are always ready to answer any questions. Applications come out during spring term every year. The Special Services department is in charge of this selection process. Thier office is located on the third floor of the Administration building. Mrs. Peggy Partirdge and Mr. John Hoyle are two people who can be contacted if you have an interest in being an ambassador for ASMS.

The Application Process:
In the spring, applications are printed and put on the front desk in the Bedsole Building. They only print about fifty and when they are gone, they do not print anymore. When the applications are all filled out and turned in, they will review them, and put notes in students boxes informing them who has been called back for an interview. The interview process is different each year and is kept a sworn secret so it is a surprise. When the interviews are done, they review their notes and deliberate to decide which students are best for the job. Students are then notified if they have become an ASMS Ambassador by having a note put in their mailbox.

Attire for an Ambassador:
Ambassadors have a strict dress code when they are representing ASMS. Their uniform consists of khaki bottoms, skirts for the girls and pants for the boys, a white collared shirt, dress shoes (black flats for girls and black dress shoes for boys), and an official navy blue ASMS Ambassador blazer. The Head Ambassadors will wear green blazers instead of the navy blue blazers. On less formal occasions, Ambassadors wear matching t-shirts.

2016-2017 ASMS Ambassador Application