College Counseling

Ms. Julie Hoffmeyer is the senior and college counselor at ASMS. She is available for help with the application process for college, finding ACT\SAT help, finding the right college for you, and applying for scholarships.

Scholarship Opportunities
Smith Scholarship: There is scholarship for a student who has struggled against the odds whether it is financial, home life or disabilities and proven they are willing to help those around them. It is designed to help students who are willing to give back to their communities. The criterion is very minimal and it is only good for an Alabama school.

Credit Transferring:
Credit will be given only for courses that were approved before the course was taken. Credit will be given only for courses taken at accredited institutions of higher learning. Credit will be given only for those courses, which are not offered at ASMS.

Alabama Credit Transfer
Auburn Credit Transfer
Montevallo Credit Transfer
UAB Credit Transfer
UAH Credit Transfer
USA Credit Transfer
Common Application
Military Child Scholarship Opportunities
Scholarship Opportunities