Personal Counseling

Personal counseling is available to all students. Meetings can be scheduled with Mrs. Thompson at any time. If any student needs to talk about something that is bothering them, she is there to listen.

Crisis situations occasionally happen. These can include depression, the loss of a loved one or other matters with which the student needs immediate help. Crisis-intervention is available to all students twenty-four hours a day/seven day a week to assist anyone who needs it.

Sanctuary is a confidential and supportive program offered by ASMS for students with substance abuse problems. This is a supportive means to change the behavior of a student that is involved with illegal substances.The Sanctuary program is offered to any student who confides in a Counselor or any adult at ASMS (who then confides in the Dean of Students) that he or she has an alcohol, drug or tobacco problem. A student can be placed on Sanctuary in two ways: referral or self-referral. Once a student is placed on Sanctuary, a no-use contract is signed stating that the student will no longer engage is using the illegal substance(s). Personal and group rehabilitation meetings are scheduled and the student must attend. The contract remains effective during the student’s entire enrollment at ASMS. If the Sanctuary contract is breached, the student will be administratively withdrawn from school.

All students are assigned to mentoring groups which meet monthly.