SGA Events

Each Halloween, the SGA, along with the senior class, plans and orchestrates a haunted house for underclassmen.

Ping-pong Tournament
Students plan creative events every week-end for students enjoy. Here, we had a bring-your-own-paddle ping-pong tournament, where students played with anything but a ping-pong battle for the opportunity to win prizes.

Big Scream
Every finals week, SGA holds The Big Scream, when students gather to scream their finals stress away and enjoy ice cream.

Winter Formal
SGA plans the two major school dances, Winter Formal and Prom. Students always really enjoy the events!

Open Mic Night
It is tradition to start off each term with an open mic night event, when students can show off their skills, whether it be singing, playing piano, or even stand-up comedy!

Water Balloon Fight
SGA plans water balloon events for students to have fun while staying cool!

Sidewalk Chalk
Sidewalk chalk is a relaxing event for students to show off their creative sides.