Wish List Funding

2016-2017 Wish List Funding

Total Amount Funded: $43,388

The mission of the Alabama School of Math and Science Parent Association is “to support the educational goals of the school, facilitate communication between families and staff, and provide a warm and inviting social environment for community members.”  An important way the Parent Association works to support the educational goals of the school is by hosting and participating in the annual fundraiser, Dragon Drawdown.  All profits from Dragon Drawdown directly fund the ASMS Faculty and Staff Wish List.  This collaborative fundraising effort of the ASMS Parent Association and the ASMS Development office provides funding for many needed projects, programs and upgrades which supplement and enhance the educational needs of our students.

Art Orren Kickliter Film Photography Equipment (cameras, lenses, updated equipment for dark room) $750
Band Tim Grabill Electronic drum set (Roland TD11KV series) $1,399.00
Biology Alison Rellinger Six (6) iPads and covers to begin building a classroom set $2,327.94
Biology James Njengere Biotechnology transformer, LaMotte smart meters, spectrometer $4,500.00
Chemistry Elisa Rambo Large format classroom periodic tables $1,000.00
Computer Science Jeanne Croom Replace missing or older computer monitors with 24″ monitors $2,500
French Muriel Hoequist Enrichment materials, educational DVDs, motivational classroom prizes $500.00
German Muriel Hoequist ASMS-Muenster Exchange Program, Enrichment materials, educational DVDs, motivational classroom prizes $700.00
Maintenance/Facilities Robert Shoemaker Tools and equipment as itemized on Wish List Application $2,054.50
Mathematics Sarah Brewer Student desk set and teacher desk $8,114.00
Mathematics Sarah Brewer White boards for classroom $3,200.00
Mathematics Natalya Prokhorova LED lighting for classroom and office, carpet and paint for classroom $7,730.00
Music Martha Mozer 12′ step ladder for West campus $265.68
Physical Education Angel Jackson Volleyball uniform set, miscellaneous itemized equipment (balls, scale, stop watches, swim paddles, etc.) $2,293.99
Physics Pam Quintana Repair/replace equipment for physics department (itemized list included) $438.14
Security Patrick Isaac Additional exterior cameras $2,463.00
Spanish Patricia O-Farrill Donalson Classroom Supplies, Seville Exchange Program, Spanish convention, Mariachi band for Cinco de Mayo $880.00
Student Services Julie Hoffmeyer Offset cost of bus to expand junior class trip to include UAH $1,000
Student Services Kara Whitney / Johnnie Williams Artwork for Boys’ Dorm and 1 PlayStation 4 console for Boys’ Dorm $1,271.41