STEM Certification

Cognia STEM Badge GREY 684x684

ASMS is now one of the only STEM-certified high schools in Alabama. ASMS began preparing for Cognia STEM Certification in the fall of 2020. In March of 2021, a Cognia review team completed an official evaluation of the school. According to Cognia, STEM Certification facilitates “organizational improvement that results in future readiness for all learners” and is based on research and evidence-based practices."

ASMS had to demonstrate their performance in 16 standards within separate Cognia frameworks. The STEM Certification review team for Cognia evaluated more than 300 pages of information prepared by the school, including longitudinal data, survey results, projects, programs, plans, anecdotes, photos, and videos. In addition, 56 ASMS school community members participated in interviews with the review team.

In the final feedback meeting with the school, Mr. Scott Davidson, the Cognia Director of STEM Services who oversees the national STEM Certification program, noted that he had reviewed 80+ schools throughout his career, and ASMS is a school that will always stand out in his mind as high performing with approaches that other schools or systems can incorporate to benefit their own educational objectives.

"“My greatest take away from the Cognia STEM Certification process is that being an excellent STEM school extends beyond the traditional definition of STEM. It means we are progressing in areas like creating a pipeline from K-12 to STEM careers, exposing students to college content and environments, engaging underrepresented students, challenging students with complex and conceptual content, and much more. In other words, STEM is part of everything we do here at ASMS."" - Mr. Ken Robinson, Director of ASMS Admissions and Outreach.