Parent Council Fundraisers

Help us give the gift of fitness Make a donation to help us fund the need for some new athletic uniforms
ASMS Athletic Donation Drive!

Our athletic department needs new uniforms, equipment, and other athletic-related needs for all of our sports. The school does receive a very small amount of funding but not the amount needed to provide new uniforms, equipment, and other expensive athletic needs. The school supplies the rest of the resources needed. Our Parent Council (PC) has also been extremely generous in the past by assisting with some grant funding, but the current needs are beyond the PC budget. As we all know, inflation has hit every industry, and education is no different. Due to increased costs associated with referees, entry fees, etc., the school is currently operating at a deficit for our athletic programs, and we need to work TOGETHER to change that!

Our Parent Council is conducting an athletic department donation drive, and we need you to join them in recruiting funds for our students. Our goal is $15,000. This will relieve the current deficit and provide funds for new uniforms. Reach out to your family members, friends, and other connections and resources asking for donations to help us reach this goal. What happens if we do not reach this goal? The school will not be able to purchase uniforms for all sports! Some teams are currently wearing old practice uniforms that are not in good shape or wearing personal clothing without any ASMS branding. WE CAN CHANGE THAT!

Every amount helps so please join us in this drive to raise the funds to support our student athletes! Thank you for your partnership and willingness to make these needs happen for our kids!