Mission & Values

ASMS Mission Statement

To provide academically motivated Alabama students with exceptional preparation in the fields of math and science, empowering them to improve their community, state, and nation.

Vision Statement

To be a premier institution offering world-class learning, research, and leadership opportunities to Alabama students.


Student Success: ASMS values student success in and out of the classroom. Students can maximize their potential at ASMS, preparing themselves for long-term academic and professional fulfillment. Student success is the primary reason ASMS exists.

Community: ASMS values an engaged learning community committed to shared purposes, respect, accountability, and adaptability. Our community is strengthened by collaborative partnerships between students, faculty, staff, alumni, board members, and other stakeholders.

Intellectual Curiosity and Creativity: ASMS values the pursuit of understanding, discovery, innovation, and problem-solving.

Student Leadership: ASMS values student leadership and leadership development designed to accomplish specific goals through self-efficacy, collaboration, and engagement.

Communication and Conflict Resolution: ASMS values community members who are open-minded, respectful, and proactive in problem-solving grounded in constructive two-way communication.

Integrity: ASMS values honesty and transparency. ASMS values community members who admit mistakes, take ownership of difficult situations, and act honorably.