Student Government Association

SGA Retreatcropped
The SGA gathered in the gym for SGA Retreat—a day in which old and newly-elected members spend time bonding with one another and learning how SGA will function for the year.
SGA Student Portal

The ASMS Student Government Association (SGA) is a team of 6 elected officers, 15 elected representatives, and 2 employee SGA advisors. SGA meets every Monday to achieve our six goals as outlined by our SGA Constitution:

  • Develop and practice good citizenship
  • Promote harmonious relations within the school
  • Improve school morale
  • Provide a forum for student expression
  • Provide orderly direction of student activities
  • Promote the general welfare of the school​

SGA Structure

The SGA is composed of six SGA officers: the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Sergeant in Arms. In the fall of each school year, these officers are elected by the student body. Every class (the Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors) also elects 5 of their classmates into the SGA as representatives. In total, the SGA has 21 positions and 2 adult sponsors overseeing SGA activities.

SGA Committees

The SGA is divided into four committees which are each led by an SGA officer: Initiatives Committee (President), Club Committee (Treasurer), Activities Committee (Vice President), and School Spirit Committee (Sergeant in Arms).

​Initiatives Committee

The Initiatives Committee seeks to fulfill the select "initiatives" the SGA President sets for the year. The initiatives are chosen based on campus needs at the time and are a major part of the presidential candidates' platform during elections. Some of the past initiatives the Initiatives Committee has worked on include Mental Heath, Sustainability, Campus Beautification, and the much-loved Mega Musical Chairs!

Club Committee

The Club Committee seeks to monitor SGA Club activity during the school year and determine the budgets of the clubs for each term. Typically, the SGA sponsors 20 clubs that align with the SGA's goals. Each representative on the Club Committee is assigned to certain clubs to oversee for the year and acts as a liaison between the clubs and the SGA. The Club Committee oversees the budget alongside the Treasurer and plays a major role in determining which clubs the SGA funds each term and the following year.

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee sponsors school-wide events and social activities, including major events such as Prom, Winter Formal, and Winter Festival. Activities Committee also runs smaller events for the student body dubbed "AC Traditions" because of how long they have been celebrated in ASMS history. Some AC Traditions include Study Breaks, Big Scream, Polar Plunge, and Caf Parties! Understandably, it is one of the busiest committees of SGA due to its volume of work, often having multiple meetings and events every week.

School Spirit Committee

The School Spirit Committee sponsors small community-building events around campus and also runs the SGA's yearly Club Fair. In the fall after the SGA Elections, Club Fair is run by the School Spirit Committee for students to interact with and become members of the many clubs of ASMS. Additionally, the School Spirit Committee runs frequent events for students to enjoy, such as Slime-Making, Pumpkin Painting, and Tote Bag Painting.