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ASMS students may elect to specialize in academic “concentrations” such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and more. A concentration is similar to a university major, but the tradition of a concentration comes from Ivy League institutions such as Brown University. At ASMS, students can earn a concentration for taking many classes in a particular academic subject, and they may earn a “concentration with distinction” if they take even more. Their concentrations appear on the final transcripts and on their diplomas.

"“We’re able to offer classes and programs like this because many of our faculty members hold doctorates in their areas of expertise and are former university instructors. Students who come to ASMS may enroll in courses they would not otherwise see before college or even graduate school.”" - ASMS Academic Dean Mitch Frye
2023 ASMS Spring 4508

Engineering and Medical Sciences Concentrations

ASMS has 2 new concentrations for Alabama high schoolers enrolled at our school: Engineering & Medical Sciences. The Engineering and Medical Sciences tracks are interdisciplinary and give students the opportunity to take high-level electives, including Molecular Biology, Classical Genetics, Principles of Biophysics, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, and Data Science.

These interdisciplinary programs will give ASMS students a head start on academic content they will later encounter if they choose Engineering majors or Pre-Med tracks in college.

"I think the Medical Sciences track is a wonderful addition to ASMS. Not only will it help prepare students for undergrad and medical school itself, but having this distinction/concentration on applications will definitely help students get into those early acceptance programs that gives high school students conditional acceptance to medical schools based on their performance in high school, like the one South and UAB currently offer. I believe ASMS is equipped with the coursework to not only allow students to excel in undergrad, but to also excel in MCAT preparations." - Noel Godang, Current Med School Student at the University of South Alabama (ASMS Class of 2019 Alum)