Over 30 Years of ASMS Traditions!

For 30+ years, ASMS students have participated in traditions which are unique to our school and school culture. The traditions are more than moments and memories, they are shared experiences only current students and our graduates can fully understand. What are they? Watch the video to find out!

Hall Competitions

Each of the four halls in the Boys’ and the Girls’ residence halls are named after famous scientists: Curie, DaVinci, Einstein, and Newton. These halls also comprise teams in hall competitions that happen throughout the school year. At the end of the year, the hall that has accumulated the most points wins the hall competition.

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Big Scream

Held once per term, Big Scream is the school-wide "de-stress event" held on the last day of class before Finals Week. Students all gather together in the courtyard and let out a scream before they are all served ice cream

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Mega Musical Chairs

Mega Musical Chairs is an event organized by the SGA. During spring term, a large circle of chairs is set up for students to play musical chairs. The SGA works to secure sponsorships, and the winner of the game gets to choose the charity where the money will be donated. When it comes down to the final chair, competition is fierce!

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Goofy Olympics

Goofy Olympics is one of the most fun and unique traditions on the ASMS campus. Students dress up in their hall colors on Spirit Day and compete in friendly games and challenges against each hall on West Campus. The school spirit is electric on this day! Learn more.

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Senior Signing Day

The week after national senior decision day in May, the ASMS senior class gathers together for a celebration wearing the t-shirt for the college they have chosen to attend. They also sign a banner with their name and college choice which hangs in the hallway until graduation.

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Geekfest is a special event at ASMS where students "nerd out" for a night with fun activities, food, and competitions. With everything from inflatables to Mario Kart & Just Dance challenges to lego building and card games, there is something for every student to take some time away from school and enjoy being with friends.

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Polar Bear Plunge

During winter term, students test their strength by jumping into the icy pool water at the Polar Bear Plunge event. Participating students' parents/guardians sign a waiver form in advance, and food is served afterward for everyone (jumpers receiving first priority, of course).

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