Welcome parents!

ASMS provides your student with a unique, transformative educational experience.

No matter where you live, you are likely living among people in similar circumstances to you. ASMS draws people from across the state, from many cultural, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds, giving our children the opportunity to embrace a new friends and different experiences. Bringing people together is good for our children and for the future of Alabama. The school cannot do this alone. Parents or guardians work in the partnership with ASMS to educate and develop their children.

Thinking about sending your child to ASMS? Watch this video to help with your decision!

Role of the Parent

When our children leave home for ASMS, our role as a parent or guardian does not end. We still have a vital role to play in our children’s lives. Parents and guardians of ASMS students have the responsibility to:

  • Love, encourage, and support your child under all situations, good or challenging, as this is the single most important thing you can do. Although we all want our children to grow into independent adults, they need our love and guidance at this point in their development.
  • Encourage your child to take risks and to reach outside their comfort zone. Nothing is learned by remaining where you are comfortable. ASMS provides a safe environment for our children to explore their talents and who they are.
  • Communicate with the school. Our school is always willing to talk to you about your concerns, questions, ideas, and desires. The best conversations are the rational ones. When you reach out, aim to do so with patience and with the goal of working together for the good of your child.
  • Share ideas for improvement. The school values and solicits your input in order to improve. The school cannot address what it does not know about.
  • Remember that the school always has your student's best interest at heart. As best you can, assume positive intention on the school's part and support their actions and decisions for your child.
  • Get involved. We are able to achieve more with parental involvement. Through our partnership with ASMS, we can provide the resources and build the programs that allow our children to have an excellent education.
  • Support our school and advocate for the education of our children. Collaborate with our school by participating in legislative affairs, funding needs, etc. We have an active Parent Association with many ways to get involved and support our community.
  • Respect ASMS’s goal of developing our children into well-functioning adults. Encourage them to attempt to handle their own issues. It is counter to these efforts for parents to overshadow your student or to be helicopter parents.

Why we need to work together

ASMS cannot do it alone. It needs the participation of parents. Schools that excel always have a partnership between the faculty, staff, and parents and guardians. Like all human endeavors, ASMS is not perfect, and we cannot expect it to be. However, through our support, ASMS can continue to be an exceptional institution for our children.