Our Employees

2023 ASMS Spring 10717

ASMS is an exceptional institution, and employees are tasked with continuously improving what makes us unique and great. Each ASMS employee works to bring goodness to people within our school community. When we talk about being “a great school,” we mean working with our colleagues and students to hold firm to our mission, vision, and values while also holding each other accountable to the highest standards of integrity. Working at ASMS is about nurturing honorable relationships and engaging in daily interactions that result in graduating students each year and building statewide trust. As a result of our school culture, ASMS employees enjoy working at our institution and stay for much of their career.

ASMS Employee Tenure

21 - 30 Years

Patrick Isaac
Orren Kickliter
Diane Gerard

16 - 20 Years

Natalya Prokhorova
Elisa Rambo
Nasrullah Aziz
Derek Barry
John Hoyle
Kevin Dolbeare
Cecilia Godwin

11 - 15 Years

Bill Brouillet
Mitch Frye

6 - 10 Years

Victor Irby
Amanda Phillips
Angel Jackson
Kenneth Robinson
Vivian Dorsey
Grey Gaillard
Daniel Commander
Natalie Cumbaa-Ortell
Meoshe Id-Deen
Karen Smith

3 - 5 Years

Michael Harrison
Jessica Alexander
Deborah Gray
Samantha Church
Scarlette Studdard
Lizzie Martin
Paolo Gorme
Lacey Moore
Karen Palazzini
Brian Sayler
Durga Paudel
Allyson McMaken
Katrina Millender
Kristy Gunther
Rebecca Domangue
Elizabeth Jones
Keith Lindley

0 - 2 Years

Asia Frey
Teresa Clark
Kristal Webb
Ashley Dunklin
Angela Kennedy
Neda Bitterman
Mary James
Emma Valentine
Graylin Moore
Matthew Davenport
Sandy Herren
Gayle McCants
Shari Little
James Bunch
Catherine Druhan
Andrew Gentry
Charla Pacheco
Magdalena Sage
Synita McNeal
Carjetta Crook
Michelle Rigsby
Casey Welborn
Edwin Williams
Omer Khan
Kali Andrews
Brandon English
Kevin Abel
Veronica Hall
Hannah Hastings
Amanda Freyaldenhoven
Steven Floyd
Jacey Rawls