Standards of a Good Teacher and Faculty Member

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At ASMS, our teachers convey expertise in their fields and show compassion for their students.

All ASMS instructors hold advanced degrees in their subject areas. They demonstrate content mastery through such methods as publishing their work, participating in research groups, attending academic conferences, remaining active in scholarly organizations, and constantly seeking professional development. They are scholars and researchers eager to bring their interests into the classroom.

ASMS instructors serve their students by enlivening course material with strategies drawn from their rich research backgrounds. They use new technologies and proven pedagogies to actively involve students in the learning process, not merely deliver them content. They work alongside staff who specialize in academic counseling and mental health to ensure that students are safe, supported, and successful.

The ideal ASMS instructor teaches with the knowledge and charisma of a college professor while adapting to meet the needs of his or her teenage students.