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2023 ASMS Spring 4844

Welcome to the Alabama School of Math and Science!

My name is John Hoyle. I am grateful to serve as the President of the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science here in Mobile, AL. At ASMS, we train and educate our state’s future leaders, scholars, and innovators. ASMS is a public school, so I like to say to Alabamians that I serve at your Alabama School of Math and Science.

I would like to tell you a story that punctuates how vital our school’s mission is. Before the pandemic, one of our school’s chemistry faculty members was experiencing acute pain and was rushed to the emergency room. When he arrived at the ER, the doctor recognized him. He said, “You were my chemistry instructor at ASMS, and you are the reason I majored in chemistry and ultimately went to medical school.” That doctor, his former student, saved his life. He was educated at our school, and he is meeting the needs of his community members.

I share this story with you because that is the potential of an education at ASMS. As a graduate of our school, you can have a transformative impact on someone’s life every single day. If you are curious, motivated, and you want to help others, then ASMS is for you. We do not expect you to be a genius. We expect you to be excited to learn, hungry to grow, and willing give to others what you gain from our school.

I know that leaving your home to pursue an education is not an easy decision, but for those who embrace the opportunity, it will positively change your life forever:

  • You will gain access to academic, leadership, and research experiences not available anywhere else in Alabama at the high school level.
  • You will be able to shape your academic path around your own interests through subject-matter concentrations and 100+ high-level electives.
  • You will live and learn on campus with students from across Alabama who are committed to learning and challenging themselves beyond traditional education.
  • Above all else, your teachers will be experts – faculty members who taught at colleges and universities before coming to teach at ASMS.

Therefore, our alumni will tell you that ASMS not only prepared them for the independence and academic rigor of college, but it set them on the path to where they are now. We have 2700+ graduates from the last 30 years who are serving as the foremost leaders and experts in their fields around the world.

If any of this sounds interesting or exciting to you, I invite you to connect with our admissions team and/or to come take a tour of our campus with a current ASMS student. There’s a place at ASMS for you, and we hope you will take advantage of this life-changing educational opportunity. We look forward to meeting you!


John Hoyle, Ph.D.


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