Why Consider ASMS?

2023 ASMS Spring 1268

Why is it worth it to leave your current school to become a student at ASMS?

There are many reasons to consider ASMS, so we encourage to keep exploring our website. However, here are 5 reasons that showcase the long-term, life changing benefits for ASMS graduates.

1) College Credit and Savings

As an ASMS student, you will gain access to AP courses, dual enrollment courses with Bishop State Community College, and articulation agreements with the University of Alabama in Birmingham and the University of South Alabama. In other words, ASMS students have the potential to earn up to 2 years worth of college credit simply by taking courses already offered as part of the graduation curriculum at our school. Thus, ASMS graduates can save anywhere from $500 - $140,000 in college tuition for the credits they earn at ASMS or as a result of scholarships earned. Total savings will be dependent upon how many courses for credit a student takes at ASMS and at which institution(s) they choose to enroll for higher education.

"I went to [college] with no debt due to scholarships." - Paul Clark, Class of 2016

2) Shape Your Own Academic Path

ASMS boasts a college-level curriculum in STEM and the humanities. Students take advanced coursework that is not offered anywhere else in the state. With 400+ unique courses in the catalog, ASMS features incredible electives which allow ASMS students to shape their own academic path based on their interests and academic goals. This includes concentrations in any of our 10 academic departments or interdisciplinary concentrations in medical sciences and engineering.

"ASMS made an extraordinary impact on my life. I was in class with smart and committed students taking high level courses that sometimes used the same textbooks as courses I later took in college. Outside of class, I had the chance to explore other interests, and it was vital to my development into a well-rounded person." - Dr. Sara Nayeem, Class of 1995
"As like most students at ASMS, I came into my own and discovered my voice while at ASMS. I learned how to study at ASMS and how to effectively write (Thank you, Dr. Hoffman!). As an educator, I continuously reflect on those teachers and mentors who had a positive impact on how I learn and on my love of learning. Prior to ASMS, my learning was shallow and minimal; however, my teachers at ASMS pushed me to always dig deeper and examine my own understanding of the topic." - Dr. Briana Morton, Class of 1999

3) College Readiness: Academics

ASMS alumni often report that their first and second years of college courses are easier than the classes they took at ASMS. Some of them even say they already learned the material at ASMS that they were being taught in college. They then share that because of the rigor of ASMS coursework, they were more prepared to succeed in harder college classes compared to their peers. In other words, the high-level classes and rigor of the ASMS curriculum is a catalyst for student success at the college-level.

"“Throughout my career I have continually used the study skills I learned as a student at ASMS – gathering, breaking down, and processing information in order to apply it to political, technical, or social arenas. ASMS also gave me a firm foundation in goal setting. It is all about being willing to try, and I can always go back to the drawing board and recalibrate as needed.”" - Dr. Ryan Shelby, Class of 2002
"ASMS gave me everything I needed. I came from a school that didn't prepare you for anything professional wise and only taught what was required at the most basic level of understanding. Without attending ASMS, I would not have made it through college and gotten to where I am now. I learned how to be a better student and retain information and also how to work with others. Professionally, ASMS gave me the framework of how to conduct business and establish myself for a professional future." - Jorge Del'Angel, Class of 2017

4) College Readiness: Independence

As a residential boarding school, learning at ASMS does not stop after class. In our living- learning community, students learn life-long social skills that will carry them into college and beyond. Students must do their own laundry, wake themselves up in the morning, learn how to properly manage their academic and social time, and adjust to living away from their families. As a result, ASMS students are more prepared for the independence and responsibility that comes with living and learning away from home in college.

"Compared to ASMS, college is surprisingly easy! Dorm life is a huge part of the ASMS experience, and I did not fully appreciate how much that played a role in my maturity until I began college, and started living with students who were away from home for the first time. I took so many little details about living in the dorms for granted because I learned these skills in high school. Compared to other first-year college students at [my college], I am ahead of the game because I gained experience in setting my own study schedule despite the distraction at times of being surrounded by friends, cleaning up after myself and doing laundry, and all the other ways ASMS taught me to take care of myself." - Mary Ellis Barton, Class of 2023
"I am sure that I would not be where I am without ASMS. ASMS gave me the ability to develop independently and find where I would focus my energy. I also began to learn time management and organization before I went to college -- which definitely helped. But most importantly, there were so many human connections that I made at ASMS that I never had before. From fellow students to teachers and staff, ASMS gave me the opportunity to form relationships that have shaped the person I am today." - Dr. John de la Parra, Class of 1998

5) Research and Leadership Opportunities

The founders of ASMS believed that our students would become the next generation of leaders and scholars for Alabama. Therefore, ASMS offers two highly specialized programs unique to our school which greatly advance the potential of our students:

ASMS Research Fellows Program - ASMS Fellows are paired with a faculty mentor to conduct academic research on a topic of their interest and then present their work at our school's Spring Research Forum. Because ASMS faculty are content experts with doctoral degrees, they guide students through college-level and graduate-level research projects. They even co-present with students at academic conferences. ASMS students report that the their research experience sets them apart in the college admissions process and also in pursuing research opportunities while in college.

ASMS Jo Bonner Leadership Academy - ASMS JBLA student leaders participate in leadership skill trainings, hands-on workshops, specialized retreats, and reflective experiences to grow their understanding of what it means to be a exemplary leader. JBLA graduates are uniquely prepared to collaborate with other leaders, lead their own teams, manage projects, communicate effectively, and set & achieve goals. Ultimately, JBLA student leaders share how they were prepared to pursue major leadership positions in college and then quickly move towards top positions in their careers.

"The [ASMS] classes and exposure to research at a young age definitely prepared me to pursue challenging coursework and further my research experience in college." - Allie Stamper, Class of 2017
"Being part of the ASMS Jo Bonner Leadership Academy means leaving a legacy. If I've learned anything, it is that teaching those who look up to you and setting an example for them is one of the most important parts of leadership." - Destiny Buchanan, Class of 2023