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Scientific Publication Acknowledges Contributions of ASMS Students and Faculty

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Jun Ebersole is a paleontologist colleague of ASMS Biology Department faculty member, Dr. Drew Gentry. Ebersole recently had a research paper published in the journal Paleoichthys that includes all the fossils collected by ASMS students and faculty during a 2023 trip to Dauphin Island. The trip was part the Biology Department's 2023 Special Project and Dr. Gentry's Evolution and Biodiversity class. The names of all the ASMS students and faculty are in the acknowledgements section of the manuscript (copied below).

During their trip to the beach, the students, Dr. Gentry, Dr. Ortell, and Dr. Hoyle collected fossils from the Pliocene Epoch (5.3-2.5 million years ago). They collected hundreds of specimens which the students then sorted and analyzed back at ASMS. They identified fossils belonging to at least 10 different species of fish and 5 species of shark. They also found the fossilized tooth of a freshwater gar that represents the first Pliocene fossil for this animal known from Alabama! Some of the fossils were sent to researchers at McWane Science Center in Birmingham, AL for further analysis, and the rest became part of the ASMS Paleontology Collection.

Ebersole's paper acknowledgements read as follows: "We thank the numerous individuals who collected and donated fossil specimens from Dauphin Island for inclusion in this study. These individuals include Destiny Buchanan, Henry Carr, Connie Chieh, Carissa Clay, Christopher Davis, Jr., McKenzie Dimson, Rebecca Domangue, Chloe Dykes, Gabriel Gurt, Erin Harney, Shannon Harney, Elyjah Houston, Brantley Howard, John Hoyle, Bryan Huerta-Beltrán, Drew Gentry, Greg Graeber, Greta Graeber, Jane Graeber, Lela Graeber, Mendel Graeber, Owen Graeber, Dinali Jayasena, Grace Jones, Tuyako Khristoforova, Nandu Kondamuru, Alexa Lopez, Zoi Moon, Grace Morin, Sophie Neno, Meagan Nix, Natalie Ortell, Emily Seubert, James Starnes, Kaeli Stevens, and Connie Unich. We also thank the reviewers, Nicholae Trif and Alberto Collareta, and handling editor, Stefan Koerber, for their helpful feedback that improved and earlier version of this study."

Several ASMS students who participated in the "A Day at the Beach 4 million Years Ago" Special Project were tasked with creating a Vlog to document and educate on the process of fossil identification. Vlog by: Alexa Lopez, Connie Chieh, Tuyako Khristoforova, and Henry Carr

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Read Ebersole's full publication here:

Research Paper
  • Jan 19, 2024