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Daniel Commander

dcommander@asms.net | (251) 441-0177

M.A., English Literature- University of South Alabama

B.A., English Literature- University of Alabama

Biography: Mr. Daniel Commander grew up in Mobile and the surrounding area. He works to make sure that all of his students are prepared for interacting with the world they will face outside of ASMS. He practices inclusivity and open conversations in the classroom. Mr. Commander strives to create a safe space for all students to feel comfortable in the classroom and discuss their experiences and how those contribute to their understanding of the topics he covers. His areas of interest largely concern how individuals interact with themselves, each other, and the world around them by looking at media, culture, and public speaking. Specifically, he is interested in gender studies, popular culture, and communication. He coaches the Speech and Debate team and teaches the courses in the Emily Staples Hearin Communications program.

Professional Areas of Expertise: Gender Studies, Media Studies, Victorian Literature, Queer Theory, Speech Communications