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Announcing the ASMS Research Fellows Project

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The Alabama School of Math and Science is excited to announce the inaugural Research Fellows Project. The Fellows Project is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop a plan of action to explore a problem in today’s communities which allows for scientific discovery. The 2019-2020 class of research fellows is made up of 12 ASMS juniors. Click here to read the article that inspired the research topic for this year’s cohort. Student research will be guided by faculty mentors who advise and assist students in the planning of their Fellows Project products. Students who successfully complete the project during their junior year will develop and submit the following four academic components: research paper, poster, portfolio, and presentation. ASMS will continue to provide updates about the program and students’ work as the school year progresses.

2019-2020 Research Fellows:

Chioma Buchi-Ahiabuike

Tayla Crear

Emma Joly

May Jung

Alaina Kelly

Emma Last

Carson Lott

Spencer Purdy

Katherine Rutschilling

Alexandria Sessions

Elijah Velaski

Ronald Warren

Faculty Members:

Project Coordinator - Dr. Mitch Frye

Committee Members -

Kevin Dolbeare

Meoshe Id-Deen

Dr. Natalie Ortell

Alison Rellinger

  • Sep 09, 2019