Math Festival 2023

ASMS & USA Statewide Math Festival

Middle School Math Olympiad
The Olympiad is a fun, one-hour written examination whose problems will require students to use imagination and creativity rather than advanced mathematical skills. Prizes are awarded.

Math Festival
Mathematics Festivals inspire students to explore the richness and beauty of mathematics through activities that encourage collaborative, creative problem-solving. The Festival introduces kids to the joy of mathematics by providing interesting, inspiring, engaging, thought-provoking problems in a social and cooperative atmosphere. It’s an event at which students play with mathematics.

Success is not measured by the number of problems solved or students’ speed, but rather by how long students stay engaged and persevere with activities and by the breadth and depth of their explorations and insights. Festival activities are designed to open doors to higher mathematics for students – doors that are not at the top of the staircase, but right at street level.

2023 Results

ASMS and USA hosted 41 students for the Statewide Math Festival and the Middle School Olympiad in spring of 2023.

Special thanks to the Mobile Math Circle, University of South Alabama Mathematics Department, and the Alabama Space Grant Consortium.

The winners are:

2023 Middle School Mobile Math Olympiad

Grades 5-6
First Prize

1. Bernard Pavelescu, Council Traditional School

Second Prize

1. Aritra Biswas, Phillips Preparatory School
2. Matthew Pyle, Pearl Haskew Elementary School
3. Aine Zirlott, Barton Academy

Third prize

1. Shawn Choi, Clark-Shaw Magnet School
2. Marley Conner, Barton Academy
3. Sabine Downing, Phillips Preparatory School
4. Renata Gonzalez Espana, Clark-Shaw Magnet School
5. Eugenio Gonzalez Espana, Eichold-Mertz Magnet School
6. Harper McCraw, Barton Academy
7. Khushi Patel, Clark-Shaw Magnet School

Grades 7-8

First Prize

1. Andrews Grinstead, St. Ignatius

Second Prize

1. Violet Borchert, Clark-Shaw Magnet School
2. Victoria Davidson, Clark-Shaw Magnet School

Third prize

1. Catalina Bryan, Clark-Shaw Magnet School
2. Daniel Kim, Clark-Shaw Magnet School
3. Mahi Tambe, Spanish Fort Middle School
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