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Dr. Mark Byrne

mbyrne@asms.net |

Ph.D., Physics - University of Notre Dame

B.S., Physics - University of South Alabama

Bio: Dr. Mark Byrne was born in Dublin, Ireland and emigrated to the United States as a 9-year old with his parents and four siblings. After completing an undergraduate degree in Physics (summa cum laude) at the University of South Alabama, he moved to South Bend, IN to continue graduate studies in Physics. After completing a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, Dr. Byrne served as a postdoctoral research fellow (2004-2007) at Vanderbilt University Medical Center performing research in computational systems biology. Dr. Byrne had the privilege of teaching Physics and Astronomy at Spring Hill College as an Assistant and then Associate Professor (from 2007-2024) and is excited to be teaching Physics to ASMS students and helping them prepare for their future!

Professional Areas of Expertise: College/University Teaching (Physics and Astronomy); Research - Theoretical Physics, Biophysics/Computational Biology