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Dr. Natalie Ortell

nortell@asms.net | (251) 441-1256

Ph.D., Marine Sciences - University of South Alabama

B.S. Biology, emphasis in Marine Biology - University of South Alabama

Biography: Dr. Natalie Ortell is an Alabama native who has always had a passion for nature and the sciences. After working as a research technician identifying zooplankton, Dr. Ortell made the leap to pursuing a Ph.D in marine microbial ecology followed by a Post-doctoral position in an Ecotoxicology lab. Through that pursuit, teaching and mentoring became her main motivation. At ASMS, Dr. Ortell works to encourage students to develop a capacity for self-direction, facilitating inter-disciplinary thinking, and cultivating confident and effective communicators with an appreciation for the sciences.

Professional Areas of Expertise: Marine Microbial Ecology, Virology, Environmental science, Microplastics, Ecotoxicology, Interdisciplinary collaboration