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ASMS Students Place 3rd in AL Gold Tier Open Category of the CyberPatriots XIV State Round!

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ASMS CyberDragons2 Team and 3rd place winners!

Final scores for the CyberPatriots XIV State Round are in!

Congratulations to the ASMS CyberPatriot's team, CyberDragons2 - Adam Amissah, Ajay Wallack, Christian McKinnon, James Weaver, and Taryn Faris - who placed 3rd in the Alabama Gold Tier Open Category and will proceed to the CyberPatriot XIV semifinal competition.

ASMS CPXIV Teams Kick Off Clipped
All ASMS CyberDragons Competitors

Shout outs to ASMS competitors that scored top points on their images and were nominated by their teams as MVPs: Adam Amissah, Kevin Chen, and Zac Desmond. Nominated as best team collaborators and helpers were Ajay Wallack, Lilac Herman, and Oscar Presnall. Top networking points went to Liz Womble.

This year, three ASMS teams qualified to compete in the top two tiers of CyberPatriot's XIV State Round:

CyberDragons: Liz Womble, Oscar Presnall, Asher McMillan, Kevin Chen, and Abigail Burnett. Platinum tier

CyberDragons2: Adam Amissah, Ajay Wallack, Christian McKinnon, James Weaver, and Taryn Faris. Gold tier

CyberDragons3: Quinn Dolbeare, Lilac Herman, Zach Desmond, Patrick Decker, Tuyako Khristofarova, Abigail Saalwaechter. Gold tier

CyberDragons had 2 returning team members of the 5 members. CyberDragons2 had 2 returning team members of the 5 members. CyberDragons3 had 1 returning team member of 6 members. For rest of the team members it was the first year they competed.

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"I am so proud of these students that competed on four Saturdays for up to 6 hours. They demonstrated exceptional teamwork, drive, and persistence," says ASMS Computer Science instructor and ASMS CyberPatriots Coach, Deb Gray.

CyberPatriots was developed by the Air Force Association (AFA) to inspire students to pursue careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) fields. During competitions, teams take on the position of newly hired IT professionals to manage the network of a small company. Through a series of online rounds from October to December, teams are tasked with finding and fixing vulnerabilities in different virtual operating systems. In additions, competitors complete a networking quiz and packet tracer challenge. After the first two rounds, teams are placed into one of three tiers for the state round based on their performance: platinum, gold, or silver.

  • Jan 10, 2022