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ASMS students Zac Desmond and Brandon Hunt named Scholars by the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation

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The National Cyber Scholarship Foundation has recognized Zac Desmond and Brandon Hunt, ASMS juniors, for their performance in a challenging online cybersecurity training program. In celebration of their achievement, Desmond and Hunt have earned an invitation to participate in the Cyber Foundations Academy – a multi-week online program based on the nationally-recognized SANS Foundations training course and certification which is valued at more than $3,000.

Desmond and Hunt competed for top scores against thousands of high school students across the nation by solving real-world cybersecurity problems. Over 40,000 students nationwide sought to qualify for a National Cyber Scholarship.

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"I am truly honored to be a National Cyber Scholar," said Desmond. "Both computer science and cybersecurity are passions of mine, and I hope to use this opportunity as a jumping off point to pursue them even further." Hunt added, "It's been fun and has taught me a lot about cybersecurity. I implore everyone to try the CyberStart America Game at least once."

Over 20000 points are required to achieve scholar status in the CyberStart America Game. Hunt scored over 80000!

The National Cyber Scholarship Foundation recognizes high school students who have demonstrated exceptional cybersecurity prowess and who wish to pursue a career in a growing field in critical need of their talent. The NCSF mission is to identify and develop the next generation of cyber professionals. Each and every student who participated in this competition has the potential to develop their skills and build a successful career in cybersecurity.

There are several qualification pathways to gain a National Cyber Scholarship, including CyberStart America, a free online program that helps students discover their interest in cybersecurity and develop their talent and skills. The NCSF offers $5 million in scholarships to top-ranking competitors. The highest-scoring eligible CyberStart players will become National Cyber Scholars and will be invited to participate in the Cyber Foundations Academy. To learn more visit: National Cyber Scholarship Foundation.


About the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation (NCSF)

The National Cyber Scholarship Foundation is a national non-profit whose mission is to identify, nurture and empower the next generation of cybersecurity experts; and eliminate the cybersecurity skills gap in the United States. The NCSF aims to support the entry of thousands of talented students into the cybersecurity industry by providing enrichment opportunities, world-class training, and scholarships to fund further study.

About CyberStart America

CyberStart America is a free national program for high school students, aiming to uncover hidden cyber talents, and identify and develop the next generation of cyber superstars. CyberStart’s immersive gamified learning platform can take students from zero cybersecurity knowledge to possessing the skills necessary to complete a wide variety of realistic cybersecurity challenges and earn a scholarship in a matter of weeks. Students new to the field with a strong aptitude, as well as students with existing interest in the field, can use the platform to train and qualify as a National Cyber Scholar, giving them the opportunity to earn life-changing scholarship opportunities.

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  • May 30, 2023