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Outstanding ASMS Alumna & Technology Leader, Kelenda Allen-James (Class of 1997)

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Kelenda Allen-James is a Class of 1997 ASMS graduate and has worked for 22 years in the tech industry, including 9 years in management. Today she is based in New York City and considered a technology leader while also serving as speaker, author, and podcaster. She has given over 100 speeches on topics such as professional development, women in technology, people of color in technology, digital divide in K-12 education, STEM careers for young people, and non-profit technology.

Allen-James describes her professional work in this way: “I am a technology leader experienced in bringing affordable technology to mission-driven organizations. I believe in the growth mindset. I believe all people are able to learn technologies that can improve their life and community. As a technology leader, I find it rewarding to work with mission-driven organizations because it allows me to design and bring their technology strategic plans to execution.”

After graduating from ASMS, Allen-James earned a bachelor’s degree from Centre College and her master’s degree in Information Systems from Touro College. She also received a Graduate Certificate in Project Management from Baruch College as well as a Cybersecurity Certificate from Ithaca College. Her other certifications include: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, CompTIA A+, Network+, Google Certified Trainer, Google Certified IT Support Professional, Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), Microsoft Certified: Teams Administrator Associate, Salesforce Certified Administrator, Meta Certified Community Manager.

Allen-James also recently released two new books – Professional Mindset Weekly Planner and Professional Mindset Journal.

Flyer for Professional Mindset Weekly Planner

“I created the planner and journal so people can continue to have a strong mindset as they pursue their professional development goals. As we move forward, we will see ups and downs, successes and setbacks as we pursue professional development. This planner and journal are designed to help you regroup, rethink, and reset yourself when needed. Also, [they’re] a place to celebrate along the way,” says Allen-James.

Allen-James’s time at ASMS helped shape her own approach to professional development. “ASMS has taught me the value of small class sizes. I had 7 people in my senior English class. I learned my optimal learning style and got comfortable advocating for myself. So, whenever I look for professional development, I look for small group learning,” Allen-James shares.

ASMS Community members can also connect with Allen-James through her podcast, Study Hall with Kelenda the Tech.

Allen-James describes the podcast as “a professional development podcast focusing on technology. This is for people looking to break into tech, career changers, [and] busy people looking to put professional development back into their schedule. Here we will review certification exams, learning platforms, course reviews, and product challenges. We will also have toolbox recommendations for study tips, study materials, planners, and time management strategies." Episodes are released bi-weekly on Sunday at 3pm.

According to Allen-James, she loves hearing from readers and listeners and invites ASMS community members to connect with her on social media @kelendathetech or by visiting her website.

  • Jun 25, 2024