Special Projects Symposium

1st Annual Special Projects Symposium

March 25 2021, 4:00 - 5:10 pm

ASMS Makerspace

Makerspace Room 101

Panel 1: Gender Studies (Dr. Libby Jones, Moderator)

  • Holt Templeton and Sanjana Mupparaju, “An Evaluation of the Masculine Roles of King Claudius”
  • Katherine Rutschilling, “Competing Representations of Masculinity in 90’s Sitcoms: Friends vs. Frasier”
  • “The Next Disney Princess” video from “Disney and Female Identity” Special Project

Panel 2: Art Roundtable (Dr. Libby Jones, Moderator)

  • Sofia Laugelli, “An Ordinary Reality”
  • Marina Roddy, “Postmodernism in Garden of Forking Paths‘”
  • Zines from “Zines for Change” Special Project viewable here and here

Makerspace Room 102

Panel 1: Cyber Power and Cyber Security (Dr. Mitch Frye, Moderator)

  • Sebastian Grieves, Elbread Roh, and Adam Amissah, “The Dangers of AI: An Approach Towards Destruction”
  • Ale Hollifield and Brett Blevins, “Machine Learning Discrimination”
  • Emma Wahlers, Anna Livingston, and Tuyako Khristoforova, “The Effects of A.I. on the Future”
  • Vasilisa Douglas, Kennedy White, and Kenneth Womble, “AI Locked and Coded”

Panel 2: Game Theory and Mental Health (Dr. Mitch Frye, Moderator)

  • Ashlyn Krawitz and Leonard Fowler, “The Truel”
  • Molly Dorman, “Meditation”
  • May Molina-Meija, “The Psychology of an Expressive Art: Music Therapy”
  • Haley Jackson, “A Guide to Journaling”

Makerspace Room 103

Panel 1: Radiation and Thermodynamics (Dr. Durga Paudel, Moderator)

  • Rima Patel, “What everyday items require petroleum products to manufacture?”
  • Ron Warren, “Biomass”
  • Shirey Coffey, “Radiation in the Home: The Dangers of Radon”

Panel 2: Climate Change (Dr. Durga Paudel, Moderator)

  • Asiel Torres, Ella Morrison, Sydney Barnett, Emma Wetherbee, and Sara Enfinger, “Sea Level Rise”
  • Nathan Kim, James Yang, Mary Nelsen, Shrish Shetty, and Kelsey Cox, “Waterside Village Resilience Plan”
  • Olivia McAleer, “Sol Learning Park: Combating Climate Change with Innovation, Education, and Community”
  • Chris Davis, “Aqua Park”