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Announcing the 2024 - 2025 JBLA Cohort

JBLA 2024 2025
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We are pleased to announce that 114 students have been selected for the ASMS Jo Bonner Leadership Academy 2024 - 2025 cohort. They will begin their participation, training, and leadership through JBLA next school year. The selected students and their home counties are listed below. Congratulations students!

About JBLA

The Jo Bonner Leadership Academy (JBLA) will maximize the potential of ASMS students to do the exceptional and to lead with purpose. Through a combination of leadership development and experiential learning, the academy provides opportunities for students to participate in group workshops, team building exercises, skill trainings, breakout sessions, and personal reflection. Students will learn to achieve goals and address challenges through realizing their own leadership impact and working collaboratively on a team. Graduates of the academy will live with character, serve generously, and envision the future for themselves and the world around them.

JBLA was created with a long-term view for our students as well. It will provide our students with a robust leadership experience on their resume for the purposes of college admission. It is also modeled after college-level leadership programs, so our students will have a strong leadership foundation when applying to such programs one day.

History of JBLA

When the legislature created ASMS in 1989, they wanted the school to promote leadership. Leadership is at the very core of the ASMS mission statement. It is our aim to equip students to positively transform their community, state, and nation through their leadership - as current students and as graduates. During their time at ASMS, many of our students become leaders through the positions they hold and the roles they are called to serve in on our campus.

However, is a person a leader simply by holding a position? Is a person prepared to maximize their leadership when given a title or responsibility? Does a person know how to spend their time and energy when entrusted with a leadership role?

The ASMS Jo Bonner Leadership Academy was created to answer all of these questions as our school takes a more intentional approach to student leadership development. Through JBLA, our students learn about exemplary leadership, and when we think about exemplary leadership, we think about our former school board chairman, Jo Bonner. He graciously agreed to let us name the Leadership Academy after him. He serves as our key-note speaker at the JBLA retreat each fall.

2024 - 2025 Cohort

First Name Last Name County
Lillian Abernathy Geneva
Meredith Adams Shelby
John Adams Bibb
Ria Amtha Mobile
Lena Andrews Mobile
Brooke Andrews Mobile
Abbigayle Armstrong Autauga
Alice Arrington Tuscaloosa
Kingston Barnes Mobile
Reece Beasley Baldwin
Anna Birk Covington
Madeline Borchert Mobile
Ella Brochu Mobile
Jonah Bryant Mobile
Stephen Chen Mobile
Yanghong Chi Mobile
Reagan Constantine Mobile
Henry Cook Houston
Anna D’Olive Baldwin
Jayla Daughtry Etowah
Camille Desmond Jefferson
Omolabake Elenitoba-Johnson Lee
Leah Grace Feirman Mobile
Jesus Flores Coffee
Zaidin Ford Sumter
Allana Fraser St.Clair
Nina Gerceski Mobile
Dorian Gonzalez Shelby
Kimberly Gregson Mobile
Alexandra Gutierrez Walker
Yunseo Ha Lee
Amna Hadi Mobile
Olivia Hall Coffee
Robert Hanner Baldwin
MarTasia Hardy Dallas
Shayla Holloway Mobile
Brayden Howell Butler
Kaylee Hudleston Baldwin
Jonathan Hulcher Mobile
Emma Hunter Morgan
Emily Imperato Baldwin
Fatima Imran Mobile
Logan Ives Clarke
Liana Jayasena Mobile
Kahyeon Jeon Lee
Ruitong Jin Mobile
Naria Khristoforova Shelby
Narae Kim Mobile
Jacob Kim Mobile
Grayson Kim Tuscaloosa
BoKyeong Kim Autauga
Jeeah Kim Autauga
Lydia (Lia) Kling Lee
William Knight Mobile
Ben Le Etowah
Gavon Le Baldwin
Haylie Ledding Blount
Wendy Lian Mobile
Joshua Lowery Butler
Anush Mainali Colbert
Chaselyn Martin Dallas
Dorian McKerchar Calhoun
Lamaria Miles Mobile
Lucas Miller Baldwin
Jonathan Mundy Calhoun
Zachary Nelson Talladega
Caitlyn Nerbonne Dale
Lilly Nguyen Mobile
Reid Onderdonk Mobile
Taylor Ott Mobile
Griffin Overton Mobile
Daniel Pacheco Lee
Hyerin Park Autauga
Esha Patel Butler
Juston Perez Dale
Kayty Phan Mobile
Jamal Powe Mobile
Aiden Ray Shelby
Derek Ricafort Mobile
Alayla Roussell Mobile
Brannon Rowe Choctaw
Arian Sarhadi Baldwin
Lydia Schnoer Jefferson
Julia Schwartz Madison
Kathryn Segars Houston
Ahmed Shaalan Mobile
Alexandria Sheffield Dallas
Jordan Simmons Mobile
Katie Smith Franklin
Emma Kate South Baldwin
Lindsey Stallworth Monroe
Davis Stephenson Baldwin
JaTaviah Tarver Bullock
Ashley Thomas Etowah
Jayna Todd Jefferson
Emily Tran Lee
Robert Trifas Calhoun
Eli Walch Baldwin
Maura Walldorf Morgan
Victoria Ware Madison
Jude Wheelock Madison
Novita Whillock Mobile
Mary Whittington Choctaw
Karighan Womack Monroe
Jenna Wood Elmore
Sarah Woodford Mobile
  • May 07, 2024