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Celebrating ASMS Students' Achievement on the National German Exam

ASMS is proud to celebrate our students who had great success on this year's National German Exam at all levels!

An additional congratulations is in order to ASMS World Languages faculty member, Muriel Hoequist, for her excellence in teaching these students.

7 Gold medals (90% +), 8 Silver medals (80% +), 1 Bronze

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Level 1

Henry Carr placed 1st in Alabama, scoring higher than 99% nationally. Kyra Owens and Jacob Schneekloth share 2nd in Alabama, ranking 97th percentile nationally. Saku Cui placed 4th in Alabama, ranking above the 93rd percentile nationally. All Emma Saalwaechter placed 7th in Alabama, ranking 85th percentile nationally and Paul Mercer placed 8th in Alabama, ranking above the 82nd percentile nationally. The beginners earned 4 GOLD Medals and 2 SILVER medals.

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Level 2

Kennedy White placed 1st in Alabama, scoring higher than 98% of students nationally. Shirey Coffey placed 3rd in Alabama, ranking 97th percentile nationally. Albert Le placed 6th in Alabama, ranking 90th percentile. Ava Dowden placed 8th in Alabama and ranked in the 88th
percentile nationally. Hannah Mott and Carter

Swafford shared 10th in Alabama and ranked 86th percentile nationally, and Jackson McKerchar placed 12th in Alabama, and ranked 85th percentile nationally. Intermediate earned 3 GOLD and 4 SILVER medals.

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Level 3

Elbread Roh ranked 4th in Alabama, scoring higher than 88% of students nationally. Shrish Shetty ranked 7th in Alabama, ranking 82th percentile nationally, both receiving SILVER medals, with a bronze medal earned by another student also.


Not having stayed in Germany before, Kennedy White, Shirey Coffey, and Albert Le thereby
qualified to apply for the free summer Study Trip Award based solely on the merits of their
national standing (one nominee for the state of Alabama) and the Audrey Lorde Scholarship
for minority students (new in 2022). Kennedy White was awarded a free Summer Study Trip
as an Audrey Lorde Scholarship recipient, and Shirey Coffey was selected as the alternate for the traditional Study Trip scholarship.

  • May 25, 2022