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Mega Musical Chairs, a Lively ASMS SGA Tradition

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By ASMS sophomore Lex Mroczko - Baldwin County

Mega Musical Chairs is a long-standing tradition for the students at the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science (ASMS). With close to one hundred participants every year, Mega Musical Chairs is also a way for the ASMS SGA impact on the Mobile Community. All donations from the event are collected and given to a charity of the winner’s choice. This friendly competition is a wonderful student bonding event that not only makes lasting memories, but also gives back to the local community. There is music, prizes, and a lot of fun. The Student Government Association’s (SGA) Policy Committee runs the event and works together to make everything a great experience. This year in particular, the committee wanted to go big by giving all participants a free t-shirt and handing out random goodies throughout to the event even to the students who did not win.

This year the ASMS students were especially grateful that the event was able to take place as in 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic halted many student activities and affected the ASMS residential campus. The event was held on the ASMS West Campus field where many chairs and players were all together for an afternoon of activity. Some of the goodies that were passed out included floaties, gift cards, and water guns, and the theme for the year was beach and summer. Students were able to take a break from their classes and play Mega Musical Chairs to lead into the weekend. As current junior Zoi Moon stated about her first experience participating in Mega Musical Chairs, “My favorite part was being one of the first ones out and then getting to shoot all of my friends with water guns. We all had such a great time. It is definitely a core memory.” SGA VP Dinali Jayasena also states about her first experience, “It was a super fun event that really connected us as a student body...Would recommend to everyone!” The lively music combined with the contagiously happy mood of the event truly makes Mega Musical Chairs a tradition that so many ASMS students look forward to year after year.

  • May 11, 2022