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Saved by a Dragon

For about ten days, ASMS Chemistry faculty member, Mr. Kevin Dolbeare, was having a hard time breathing. His wife took him to the Urgent Care, and the doctors sent him to the Emergency Room. After several tests including a CT scan, Dr. Kevin DeAndrade (Class of 2001) came to Mr. Dolbeare’s room in the ICU at 9:00 PM.

Dr. DeAndrade shared that Mr. Dolbeare had a saddle pulmonary embolism blocking both lungs and causing the right side of his heart to increase in size. Dr. DeAndrade planned to directly apply anticoagulant medicine to the embolism via a catheter in Mr. Dolbeare’s femoral vein.

Now because of Dr. DeAndrade, Mr. Dolbeare is on the road to recovery. He is also back doing what he loves – educating the best students in the state and teaching chemistry classes at ASMS.

“I always say that our alumni are in every sector, and I’m thankful that alumni like Dr. DeAndrade are providing care and treatment for people who are near and dear to ASMS. We are so happy Mr. Dolbeare is doing better,” says Dr. Samantha Church, ASMS Director of Development.

ASMS graduates are often inspired by ASMS faculty members to choose their majors and/or pursue certain career paths.

“Dr. DeAndrade mentioned that it was Dr. John Petty who inspired him to major in chemistry at The University of Alabama before he went to medical school. So in an indirect way, John helped save my life also!” says Dolbeare.

  • Aug 28, 2020