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Three Seniors Presented their Biochemistry Directed Research Project

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This year's Biochemistry Research DR focused on Membrane Transport Research. The blood-brain barrier is a complex part of human anatomy that regulates the access of the neurological system from the rest of the body. Three of our Seniors, Joy Buchi, Krusha Patel, and Emma Last used a model system to study the effects of enzymatic cofactors (AKA vitamins) on the transport of select analgesics. They developed a series of experiments using dialysis tubing to mimic the blood-brain barrier and tested the diffusion of Naproxen (AKA Aleve) with different concentrations of Vitamin B-12. Although their evidence supported their null hypothesis, that Vitamin B-12 does not affect the diffusion of Naproxen, their research will be used for further biochemistry projects. Special thanks to Ms. Rellinger for her feedback on their final presentation and ideas for future methods of detection.

Submitted by Kevin Dolbeare, ASMS Chemistry Instructor

  • Jun 04, 2021