The ASMS Department of Academic Affairs oversees 10 academic departments including Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, Fine Arts, World Languages, History, Mathematics, Physical Education, and Physics.

Visit our departmental pages to learn more about each one, the associated courses, and the instructors who lead them.

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Classically, biology is the study of life. Biologists apply chemistry, physics and math to study a wide range of topics from the form and function of organisms to their inter...

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Chemistry is the study of the properties and reactions of matter.

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Computer Science

Computer science is the study of understanding how to apply computing to solve problems in the real world across all industries and applications.

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English encompasses reading, writing, speaking, and thinking critically about the literary and rhetorical traditions of the English language.

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Fine Arts

The Arts provide a means of expressing thoughts, feelings and ideas that cannot be articulated with traditional forms of communication.

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World Languages

The study of World Languages is an opening up of oneself to new means of expression and new points of view.

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History is the study of the past for the purpose of understanding the development of human societies.

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Mathematics is the study of numbers, quantities, shapes, and space.

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Physical Education

Physical education introduces students to the elements of exercise that will lead them to a healthier lifestyle.

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Physics is an ever-changing branch of science that is primarily concerned with the properties and interactions of matter and energy.

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