History is the study of the past for the purpose of understanding the development of human societies. It is deliberate and methodical inquiry that is as much concerned with wide perspectives, general explanations, and fundamental questions as with specific details or events, whether local, national, or global. Historians do not record knowledge of the past as much as interpret it. They seek to understand cause and effect, why and how things happen. Historians often bring the past to life and when they do, the student of history may be surprised to see the continuity that exists and realize that while the world has changed greatly, those voices, their experiences, the things they feared or dreamed about are not so different from our own.

The History Department at ASMS will instruct students in skills that have universal application. Students of history learn good habits of thought. They analyze ideas and data, and develop original interpretations of such materials. They are also schooled in expressing themselves well, both verbally and in writing, essential skills whether one becomes a teacher, doctor, lawyer, businessperson, consultant, nurse—or whatever calling one may choose.

The teacher of history is always a student of history and it is the responsibility of the history teacher to open a student’s eyes to the relevance of the past and to appreciate the value of the history classroom in allowing us to understand who we are as individuals and as people within society.

A degree in history, whether bachelor’s or advanced, prepares graduates for a multitude of careers. As research and writing skills are required for many professional paths, the historian’s skills span industries. Beyond the roles of educator, editor or archivist, individuals with History degrees are just as much in demand in politics, law, education, libraries and the literary world.

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