Fine Arts

Fine Arts

The Arts provide a means of expressing thoughts, feelings and ideas that cannot be articulated with traditional forms of communication. In addition the performing arts provide the student a public platform for both individual expression and group collaboration.

Participating in a musical ensemble or theatre class gives students the opportunity to experience the joy of working together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. The dedication, discipline, collaboration, and creativity needed to produce an outstanding performance are the same skills needed to succeed in today's ever-changing world of work.

The ASMS music and theatre departments give students the opportunity to continue activities they enjoyed in their previous schools and for some try these experiences for the first time. The high artistic standards of the instructors challenge the students to move outside their comfort zones to experience a new level of artistry.

For those students who choose to pursue a major or minor in instrumental or vocal music, ASMS provides the background in music theory and history needed to begin advanced studies with confidence . Theatre classes help students develop their communication skills and become more confident public speakers, team leaders and collaborators. In our quest to create life-long learners, many of our students will continue to act, sing or play in church and community groups and become supporters of the Arts.

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