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ASMS Alum, Dr. Jonathan Kush (Class of 2006), Had 3 Recent Papers Published in Top Journals

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Dr. Jonathan Kush (Class of 2006) works at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth as an Assistant Professor of Management. Three of his papers were published in some of the top journals in his area in 2023. You can read one of his papers below.

This particular paper is in the Frontiers in Psychology. Dr. Kush and his colleagues ran an experiment to determine whether having a choice over who was, essentially, the leader of a small team influences a group's performance. Their analyses suggested that teams that chose their leader do better, and the mechanism was that they could choose a leader who could facilitate better communication within the team.

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Dr. Kush is also an alum of Carnegie Mellon University. CMU produced a press release which also has a nice summary of the work. Read it here. Dr. Kush and his colleagues were recently informed that a short summary of this work is going to be mentioned in the NSF's The Discovery Files program, which produces 90-second blurbs about NSF funded research that is broadcast on commercial radio.

Congratulations, Dr. Kush!

Read more about Dr. Kush and his work on his website:

  • Mar 05, 2024