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ASMS Offers New Medical and Engineering Pathways to Alabama High Schoolers

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Mobile, Ala. – Alabama 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade students can now pursue college-level engineering and medical pathways in high school. Starting this school year, the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science will offer two new specialized academic tracks for its students: Engineering and Medical Sciences. These interdisciplinary programs will give ASMS students a head start on academic content they will later encounter if they choose Engineering majors or Pre-Med tracks in college.

These programs of study are available to motivated high school students from any of the 67 Alabama counties who enroll at ASMS. Located in Mobile, ASMS is a public residential STEM school that offers an advanced curriculum free of charge to qualifying Alabama students in grades 10-12. Students reside on campus in residence halls, just as they would in college. Courses at ASMS are exclusively taught at the college-level, and students can earn college credit at in-state universities for many of the courses they take at the school. The school was recently ranked the #1 Best High School for STEM in Alabama by Niche. All these factors allow ASMS to provide motivated high school students with an authentic early college experience.

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As part of that experience, students may elect to specialize in academic “concentrations” such as the new Engineering and Medical Sciences tracks being offered. Other concentrations include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and more. A concentration is similar to a university major, but the tradition of a concentration comes from Ivy League institutions such as Brown University. At ASMS, students can earn a concentration for taking many classes in a particular academic subject, and they may earn a “concentration with distinction” if they take even more. Their concentrations appear on the final transcripts and on their diplomas.

The new Engineering and Medical Sciences tracks are interdisciplinary and give students the opportunity to take high-level electives, including Molecular Biology, Classical Genetics, Principles of Biophysics, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, and Data Science.

ASMS Academic Dean Mitch Frye states, “We’re able to offer classes and programs like this because many of our faculty members hold doctorates in their areas of expertise and are former university instructors. Students who come to ASMS may enroll in courses they would not otherwise see before college or even graduate school.”

Current 9th and 10th graders who are interested in the ASMS Engineering and Medical Sciences tracks should fill out an inquiry form to learn more about applying to ASMS for their next school year:


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