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ASMS Contacts and Resources

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The Alabama School of Math and Science is committed to providing resources for students and parents to receive answers to questions and resolution for any needs that may arise.

  • General Questions: Call the front desk – 251-441-2100.
    • Vivian Dorsey, Operations and Front Desk Coordinator: M-F 7:30 am-4:00 pm
    • Mark Welch, Operations and Nighttime Front Desk Receptionist: M-F 3:00 pm-10:30 pm
    • Hall Staff Members: Weekends until 12:00 am midnight
    • After 10:30 pm on weekdays or after 12:00 am midnight on weekends, contact security - office: 251-441-2118 or cell: 251-331-2928.
  • Residence Life During the Day:
    • Your student should call the Office of Student Affairs (251) 441-2130 or e-mail Mrs. Boatman, Student Affairs Assistant (
    • Mrs. Boatman is all things “your student” and all things parents. She has worked for ASMS for more than 17 years and is lovingly called “Mama Boatman” by the students. She will either be able to assist your student with their needs / concerns or point them in the right direction.
  • Residence Life During the Night:
    • Student - Your student should contact their hall staff member.
    • Parent - You can contact the on-duty hall coordinator.
      • Female: 251-331-0823
      • Male: 251-0823-0890
    • Community Life and Compliance Coordinators:
      • Hannah Maine:
      • Rodney Adams:
      • Hannah and Rodney live on campus and oversee the hall staff at night. They are the supervisors for Residence Life, and one of them is always here during the weekday or available in evenings. Their goal is to make sure your student feels safe, secure, and at home on campus.
  • Maintenance Issue:
    • Step 1: Your student should complete the maintenance help desk ticket on the ASMS Student Dragon Portal.
    • Step 2:
      • Student – Your student should notify their hall staff member.
      • Parent - If it is a maintenance emergency during the day, you can call the front desk (251-441-2100). If it is a maintenance emergency at night, you can contact security (office: 251-441-2118 or cell: 251-331-2928).
  • Sep 13, 2019