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ASMS is seeking 12 - 15 alumni who are willing to serve as the founding members of the ASMS Alumni Council.

The NOMINATION AND SELECTION process will occur from NOVEMBER 2021 - JANUARY 2022. Nominations will close on December 31, 2021. Alumni can nominate themselves or other alumni.


Tell more more! With all the ways that alumni can help ASMS, the school realized that we need a more formal organization at the school to bring in your leadership. Based on the recommendation of our boards, we convened a forming committee of alumni to help us discern a way forward. We are excited to share with you about the formation of the ASMS Alumni Council.

The ASMS Alumni Council will work in tandem with ASMS to promote the interests of all ASMS graduates and students in support of the school's mission. We are seeking 12 - 15 alumni who can serve as Founding Members, contribute to the formalizing of the council, and begin support of several specific ASMS strategic priorities. Read the info. packet below for more information!

You may be wondering... How did we get here? What is the ASMS Alumni Council? What will the ASMS Alumni Council do? What's the time commitment? How can I join or recommend someone to join?

This organization is not meant to take the place of any existing alumni-founded organizations or groups. This organization will have ASMS professional staff members coordinating with them and integrating their leadership into work the school is already doing.

--> Read the interest packet below!

Mission - The ASMS Alumni Council works in tandem with the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science to promote the interests of all graduates and students of the school in support of the school's mission.

Vision - The purpose of the ASMS Alumni Council is to engage, celebrate, and support Alumni of ASMS as they continue their professional journeys; to serve as the voice of the Alumni of ASMS; to support the growth of students during their time at ASMS and as they move into the world as graduates; and to support ASMS in its development as a premier academic institution.

Read the interest packet here to learn more:

Info. Packet

Questions? E-mail Allyson McMaken, Assistant Director of Communication and Alumni Outreach (