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The Wilson Science Research Center is our commitment to transforming the landscape of education in Alabama and changing student outcomes FOREVER.

This world class facility will significantly enhance opportunities for students to conduct research and participate in cutting edge learning experiences. With access to state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, innovative technology, and collaboration spaces, our students will be positioned to stand out in increasingly competitive admissions processes and to ultimately become the next generation of leaders who help solve our world’s most pressing challenges.

We are embarking on a bold pursuit to build this facility within the next 2 years. Our campaign goal is $13 million.


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ASMS prepares students to solve our globe’s most pressing challenges. With empathy and collaboration, they learn to be scholars. That’s the splendor of a STEM education. Our school challenges a new generation of leaders to think critically about the world around them. To reason differently, ask questions, and to connect the disconnected.

You can support ASMS by giving to our Greatest Need fund. This fund goes towards projects ranging from major campus renovations to new furniture. Ultimately, all donations go to positively impact the living-learning experience for our students.