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Dr. Durga Paudel

dpaudel@asms.net | (251) 441-2137

Ph.D., Computational Science (Physics) - The University of Southern Mississippi

M.S., General Physics - The University of Southern Mississippi, M.Sc., Condensed Matter Physics - Tribhuvan University

B.Sc., Physics, Math and Statistics - Tribhuvan University

Biography: Growing up in the high altitude village near Pokhara, a city on the lip of the Himalayas, I was always curious about natural phenomena happening around me. My curiousness and passion along with the hard work not only led me to pursue my Masters and Ph.D. in Physics but also taught me to share the knowledge gained from the research & teaching experience as an educator. My research focuses on the development of nanomaterials, their surface characterization, and interface defect analysis towards the application in photovoltaic devices technology. I believe that motivation and hard work are two primary keys to success in learning. At ASMS, I teach a variety of physics courses and help highly motivated Alabamian students to explore their surroundings with a scientific perspective and comprehend physics in every possible way to be successful in their careers.

Professional Areas of Expertise: Teaching and Research in Physics

Awards and Honors: Travel Award (Best Poster)- Susan A. Siltanen GRS at USM, 2018 • Cash Award (2nd Winner)- Susan A. Siltanen GRS Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Polymer Science and Engineering branch at USM, 2019